Whole bean coffeeBag1000 g


Whole bean coffeeBag1000 g

Harmonious, subtle, full of taste.
Perfect for brewing in espresso machines, coffeemakers
and in a traditional way.

58,99 PLN brutto

47,96 PLN netto

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From plantations located above
1200 meters above sea level.

A special roasting process has given it
the harmonious, subtle, full taste.

Low acidity.

Woseba Arabica is 100% arabica sourced from plantations located above 1200 metres above sea level. The location of the plantation influences the quality of the beans, which is reflected in the exceptional taste and aroma of the coffee. High-mountain arabica, whose beans mature longer due to climatic conditions, is distinguished by its rich, deep and intense flavour. Woseba Arabica also owes its uniqueness to a special roasting process, which brings out all the richness of the aromas from the high mountain coffee. Low acidity and a delicate, harmonious and full-bodied flavour make our Woseba Arabica the best choice for those looking for high-quality coffee that cannot be mistaken for any other. Indulge in arabica matured in the high mountain sun and turn your coffee time into a unique experience, right down to the last drop. Prepare your favourite coffee the way you like it: in an espresso machine or in a traditional way.

Discover the unique aroma and taste

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