Whole bean coffeeBag1000 g


Whole bean coffeeBag1000 g

Mild taste, sensual aroma.
Suitable for brewing in espresso machines, coffeemakers
and in a traditional way.

50,99 PLN brutto

41,46 PLN netto

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The exquisite blend of beans and slow roasting process
have given the coffee its characteristic mild taste and sensual aroma.

Perfect at any time of day.

Woseba Maestro is a new coffee master inspiration inspired by the travels, knowledge and experience of those involved in its creation. This masterful composition has been prepared with the expectations of our consumers in mind. Woseba Maestro is a blend of arabica beans of different origins with a touch of Asian robusta. It is characterised by its light, delicate, yet stimulating effect. The careful, slow roasting process has given it a sensual aroma. Woseba Maestro is perfect as a black coffee and also pairs well with milk. Perfect for any time of day.

Discover the unique aroma and taste

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