Café Brasil

Ground coffeeCan500 g

Café Brasil

Ground coffeeCan500 g

Intense aroma, mild taste, a touch of sweetness.
Perfect for brewing in coffee machine and in a traditional way.

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26,01 PLN netto

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From upland plantations of Brasil,
obtained with dry method.

A special roasting process has given it the intense aroma,
mild taste, and a touch of sweetness.

Low acidity.

Woseba Café Brasil is 100% arabica sourced from highland plantations of Brazil. The country, thanks to its favourable climate and mountainous terrain, is the world’s largest coffee producer famous for exporting high-quality arabica. Woseba Café Brasil is produced using the natural dry method, without the use of water. This coffee owes its unique taste and low acidity to the dry method and medium roasting of the beans. It is the ideal choice for those who appreciate a deep and rich aroma and a mild taste with a hint of sweetness. Ripened in the South American sun, Woseba Café Brasil provides an extraordinary taste experience. Perfect for brewing in a traditional way or in an espresso machine.

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