Set of ground coffees
Mocca Fix Gold 12 x 250 g

Ground coffeeBag250 g

Set of ground coffees
Mocca Fix Gold 12 x 250 g

Ground coffeeBag250 g

Set contains: Mocca Fix Gold 12 x 250 g.
Type: ground coffee. Packaging: Bag. Weight: 250 g.

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MOCCA FIX GOLD coffee is made from a specially selected blend of beans
coming from Africa, Asia and South America.

Its unique aroma and harmonious taste have resulted
from a special process of roasting.

Woseba Mocca Fix Gold is a sophisticated blend of beans from Asia, Africa and South America. The unique roasting process makes Woseba Mocca Fix Gold stand out for its unique aroma and harmonious taste, which captivates from the first moments. The pleasure of drinking this exceptional coffee increases with every sip, making you want to reach for Woseba Mocca Fix Gold only the next time you take a coffee break. The composition of specially selected beans hides exactly the intensity you expect from your first morning cup. Perfect for starting the day, meeting friends and an evening over an important project. Indulge in this unique blend of beans that have been matured on three continents to finally find its way into your favourite cup. Woseba Mocca Fix Gold coffee is designed to be brewed using any method: in an espresso machine or in the traditional way.

Discover the unique aroma and taste

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