Ground coffeeBag250 g


Ground coffeeBag250 g

Intense aroma and taste.
Suitable for all types of coffee drinks.
Make it the way you like it.

10,49 PLN brutto

8,53 PLN netto

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RODZINNA coffee has a distinct, intensive taste and aroma.

Carefully selected natural coffees which come from the finest plantations in the world,
combined with the right degree of roasting beans result in the coffee’s unique taste qualities.

Woseba Rodzinna is a unique coffee with an intense flavour, created by combining carefully selected beans from selected plantations around the world. The roasting process of the beans, carried out with the utmost care, gives the coffee its unique aroma and strong flavour. Discover the richness of taste and aroma of Woseba Rodzinna coffee beans – sure to make moments spent with your loved ones even more pleasant. Prepare it just the way you like it. Perfect for everyone who needs an extra boost.

Discover the unique aroma and taste

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