Mocca Fix Gold

Instant coffeeJar200 g

Mocca Fix Gold

Instant coffeeJar200 g

The secret of perfect coffee and ease of preparation.
Brewing method: put one or more teaspoons of instant coffee into a cup,
and add hot but not boiling water. Please close the jar carefully after each use
to keep the full flavor and aroma of your coffee till the last spoonful.

28,49 PLN brutto

23,16 PLN netto

Free delivery on orders over PLN 150

Freeze-dried instant coffee WOSEBA MOCCA FIX GOLD
is a special blend of top quality coffees.

MOCCA FIX GOLD is a perfect instant coffee for people
who value above all a distinctive, rich taste and ease of preparation.

Woseba Mocca Fix Gold instant coffee is a specially selected blend obtained from 100% coffee beans. Thanks to the freeze-drying process, Woseba Mocca Fix Gold is not only aromatic and tasty, but also easy to prepare. It is an excellent choice for lovers of freeze-dried instant coffee with a strong, full flavour. Exceptional in any form, whether with milk or classically, and perfect for a short break at work and a long lazy afternoon. We have encapsulated the uniqueness of Woseba Mocca Fix Gold instant coffee in an airtight, reusable jar that ensures full flavour and aroma to the last spoonful. Reach for Woseba freeze-dried coffee with a gold label and savour it – any time of day, wherever you are.

Discover the unique aroma and taste

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