Caffeine Shot

Whole bean coffeeBag1000 g

Caffeine Shot

Whole bean coffeeBag1000 g

Powerful coffee.
Ideal to be brewed in various ways.
Make it the way you like it.

41,99 PLN brutto

34,14 PLN netto

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Coffee with a high
caffeine content.

Medium roast.

Balanced flavour and sophisticated aroma.
Flavour dominated by dark chocolate and nuts.

Ideal for making: espresso, Turkish coffee
and French press coffee.

Produced in Poland from
Ugandan coffee beans.

Woseba Caffeine Shot is the answer to the needs and expectations of consumers looking for a coffee with a high caffeine content. Woseba Caffeine Shot Special Edition coffee in beans has been produced from coffee beans originating from Uganda. The medium roasting level has brought out the best from the beans – a balanced flavour and refined aroma. The flavour is dominated by notes of dark chocolate and nuts. It is ideal for espresso, Turkish and French press coffee. It can be prepared in a variety of ways. Woseba Caffeine Shot is a strong coffee offering the boost you need to jump-start your morning.

Discover the unique aroma and taste

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