Bio Organic

Whole bean coffeeCan450 g

Bio Organic

Whole bean coffeeCan450 g

Organic roasted coffee, mild taste.
Ideal to be brewed in various ways.
Make it the way you like it.

36,49 PLN brutto

29,67 PLN netto

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Coffee from ecological plantations.

Harmonious and mild taste.

Roasting degree: medium.

Woseba Bio Organic is 100% arabica sourced from organic plantations. Coffee from organic farming is matured on plantations where no chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used. Woseba Bio Organic is created out of a concern for quality and harmony with the ecosystem, and its mild taste comes straight from nature, which always gives us the best. You will love the full, pure taste of organic arabica matured in the sun at first sip. You can brew Woseba Bio Organic coffee exactly the way you like it: in an espresso machine or the traditional way. Certified with the EU organic label.

Discover the unique aroma and taste

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