Instant coffeeJar100 g


Instant coffeeJar100 g

The secret of perfect coffee and ease of preparation.
Brewing method: put one or more teaspoons of instant coffee into a cup,
and add hot but not boiling water. Please close the jar carefully after each use
to keep the full flavor and aroma of your coffee till the last spoonful.

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14,63 PLN netto

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CAFÉ ESPECIAL ARABICA freeze-dried instant coffee
is a specially selected blend of top-quality coffees.

Enjoy the coffee’s strong and unique taste
and unforgettable aroma.

The coffee combines the secret of perfect coffee
and ease of preparation.

Woseba Arabica instant coffee is a premium product, obtained from 100% coffee beans. Thanks to the freeze-drying process, Woseba Arabica stands out for its intense flavour and unforgettable aroma, as well as its convenience in preparation. Just one cup is enough to make a cloudy morning or a long afternoon at work more enjoyable. Perfect both in the classic version and with your favourite milk. Woseba Arabica freeze-dried instant coffee is available in a convenient jar, which not only makes it easy to store, but also preserves the full flavour and aroma until the last spoonful. Find a moment for yourself every day and enjoy the exceptional instant coffee.

Discover the unique aroma and taste

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